Mat Pilates, Functional HIIT and Yoga Classes Live Streamed from Our Holland Park Yoga Studio via Zoom

How to Participate in Our Virtual HIIT, Mat Pilates and Yoga Classes

Zoom online yoga classes, Brisbane
  1. Book your class using the timetable below
  2. Download the Zoom app on any device (available on Google Play or the App Store)
  3. You’ll receive a login code via email prior to start of class
  4. Enjoy your practice as normal from the safety of your home

How to Book Your Class

  1. Scroll down this page to find the class timetable
  2. Click Book Now for the Zoom class you wish to attend
  3. For members and anyone who’s been to One Family Yoga & Fitness before and can’t remember their password, click on ‘Need a new password’ to generate a password!
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: By clicking ‘create an account’ you’ll make a duplicate account that isn’t linked to your actual membership. If you’ve accidentally done this, email

What Do You Need to Participate in a Class?

10 Minutes Before Our Classes Begin…

The first time you do this, it may seem overwhelming but keep in mind that we are all in the same boat, learning as we go. The first time is always the hardest and we are here to support you.

  1. Find a quiet place, free from obstructions, to take your class. Ensure you are wearing something comfortable. Taking your class close to your modem is best, as you need a good internet connection.
  2. Check your email for the login code and click on it.
  3. As the ‘Meeting’ starts, ensure your camera and microphone are allowed access. You may be the first person in the meeting. Stay there… others will be there soon.
  4. Once we have said our hellos, please ‘mute’ your microphone (unless you have a question). The mute button can be found to the bottom left of the screen.


502 Network Error: This is often to do with your internet connection. Close and start again. If you have an alternative Web Browers (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) try an alternative one of these.

I can’t be heard when speaking: Ensure your microphone is not muted. This button can be found on the bottom Left hand of the screen.

Privacy and Confidentiality

There is to be no videoing or recording of the virtual classroom. Permission is not granted for private or public reproduction of content.

Code of Conduct

Students should be mindful that a Zoom Meeting Room has students and staff connecting from various locations. For the comfort of everyone, please be mindful of:

  • Environment – Please ensure that your home environment that is in view of the class is appropriate for all participants.
  • Language and Noise – At times, students will be required to unmute their microphones. Please ensure that whatever is heard by the group is free of profanities and free from extra background noise (no television or private conversations).
  • Respect – As per our usual classes in our yoga studio, it’s expected that all students, staff and anyone present is respectful, encouraging and kind.

Reporting an Issue

If at any time you have an issue please contact Lainie on 0458 771 073 or


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