Invest a year with Club ‘Living Vibrantly’…

… and you will have more energy and zest in your life to take charge of your health once and for all to live a FIT, HEALTHY and HAPPY life.

What Living Vibrantly Looks Like

There is a rhythm to your body thriving. When you know and live this rhythm, you engage in your best life ever. I can help you:

  • Sleep better

  • Eat a healthier diet

  • Have more energy

  • Healthier weight

  • Clearer mind and Direction

  • Connection with like minded women in a Growth Group

  • Identity evolution

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • Understand Circadian Rhythm and Primal Habits

Lainie Jenkins One Family Yoga and Fitness Holland Park
One Family Yoga and Fitness - Saturday Class

Why join Club ‘Living Vibrantly?

Together we will share our trials and tribulations on your transformational journey to being Fit, Healthy and Happy (To Thrive & Shine).

What’s included in your club?

  • 1:1 Ayurvedic Consultation (within the first 2 weeks of signing up)
  • Online Core Curriculm to work at at your own pace
  • 4 Quarterly 2hr Workshops
  • By-annual Detox and detox kit (Bonus bring a friend for FREE valued at over $600)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call (zoom)
  • Events: 1 x Yin & Pins, 1x Rest Yoga + Soundbath (Bonus bring a friend for FREE valued at over $100)
  • *(Optional extra) 12 months Unlimited Yoga & Pilates

Poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to stress.

Some common habits speed up aging. Emotional stress disrupts the delicate biochemical balance within individuals. Aging shouldn’t mean pain, weight gain or disease. Negative stressors degrade and damage your health and well-being, hindering the possibility the live vibrantly.

  • You frequently lack energy or feel exhausted

  • You suffer from anxiety or stress

  • You have trouble sleeping or waking up

  • Your mind feels scattered and you have trouble focusing

  • You tend to feel foggy-headed or lethargic

  • You struggle with digestive difficulties of any kind

  • You suffer from constipation, loose stools, or irregular bowel movements

  • You have intense cravings for spicy, salty, or sweet foods

  • You tend to have trouble listening to what your body needs (in the way of sleep, food, rest, exercise, etc.)

  • You sense a subtle and undefined malaise; you just don’t feel as well as you think you should (or maybe as well as you have in the past)

Good News!

Adverse habits involve taking challenges for a bright future. In CLUB LIVING VIBRANTLY, we embrace living a circadian rhythm, primal habits – self-care practices for feeling great, achieving optimal weight, focus, and purpose in life.

  • Your have more energy

  • You are more relaxed

  • Your Sleep is better

  • You are focused on your heart felt desires

  • You feel rested and clear minded when you wake

  • Your body is nourished

  • You are a pooping champion

  • You have the tools for making healthier eating choices

  • You are in sync with circadian rhythm

  • You feel a sense of easeful living

Don’t just take our word for it.