Affordable Kids Judo, Gymnastics and Yoga classes all run from our Holland Park Yoga Studio


Gymnastic Stars

  • When: Monday, Wednesday 4:20-5:05pm, Thursday 3:25-4:10pm
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Age Group: 5 – 12 years

Our Gymnastic Stars classes are a fun 45min class that focuses on gymnastics fundamentals, body awareness and advancing fine and gross motor skills by exploring jumping, balancing, climbing, agility and movement. Our Gymnastic Stars program provides a positive environment that not only focuses on extending physical development but also on teaching children listening and social skills as well as learning to follow instructions and the importance of waiting ones turn….and of course lots of FUN!


Judo Samurais

  • When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3:25-4:10pm
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Age Group: 5 – 12 years

Our JUDO Samurai classes focus on having fun and centre on games and activities which builds the foundations of Judo skills.
The Benefits of Judo for kids include fitness, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence and discipline. Judo has a no kicking and no punching policy, it teaches skills for life. The outcome of continued childhood practise of Judo goes far beyond the accomplishments on the mats. The discipline and excellence demanded by our instructors often carry over to the child’s behaviour at home and at school.


Little Yogis

  • When: Tuesday 3:25-4:10pm & Saturday TBA
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Age Group: 5 – 9 years

Our Little Yogis enjoy playful yoga classes that promote self-expression, inner strength, confidence, self-esteem and respect. Children learn through games, play and storytelling so these classes do not follow the same structure as an adult class. In fact, there is very little structure but every opportunity for fun and creativity. One Family Yoga & Fitness Kid’s Yoga classes are held in a relaxed and fun environment where every child is free to express their own individual self without judgment or expectation. In a space free of competition, they feel safe and nurtured. Friendships are developed and children are free to explore their full potential at their own pace.

*Little Yogis classes are held in the Yoga studio

First STep Gym


  • When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:15-10am
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Age Group: 3-5 years

Our 1st Step Gym is a multi-movement based program designed specifically for children under 5years. The program promotes the development of the whole child – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment. Our Program aims to develop each child’s Physical Literacy which involves mastering fundamental movement and sport skills (not just gymnastics!) which allows your child to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations.1st Step Gym is the nursery for all sports and benefits children for LIFE!

Kids Hub Intro Offer

1 week of unlimited Kids Yoga*,
Judo and Gymnastics for just $20

Get the $20 Intro Offer

*One kids class per day.
**By purchasing this Introductory Offer, you understand that after 1 week, your pass will automatically be converted to our KIDS HUB Membership which is $26 per week. If you wish to not continue with us you must email before the 7 day Intro pass expires.
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Kids Hub Casual Class

$20/per class

Kids Hub Membership

$26/weekly direct debit
  • Unlimited weekly classes of Kids Judo, Gymnastics, Yoga and Jiu-Jitsu classes.
  • No lock in contract
  • One Kids class per day.
  • T’s & C’s apply

Kids Hub Timetable

Please sign your child up under their account name NOT YOUR NAME, if you have trouble doing this please give me a call or email.

  1. The first time you book in a child, you'll need to add your child as a new Family Member in your Wellness Living profile.  To see how to do this watch the short video here.
  2. Register your child for Judo, Yoga, Jiu-jitsu and or Gymnastics with this link 
  3. Your child must be pre-booked for each class, please see how you can do it from the App HERE!

    Alternatively, you can book recurring classes through WellnessLiving on your desktop.
*** We will have Reformer and Yoga classes on offer at the same time so that you can get your workout in at the same time***
***Parents/Carers membership are just $30 p/wk, email to see how***


Workout while your kids are, with our Yoga and Reformer classes offered at the same time as our Kids Hub classes
75+ classes to choose from, Unlimited classes for just $35 p/wk

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