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Our mission is to educate and guide families to be fit, healthy and happy through exercise, relaxation and nutrition.

We understand how hard it is to find time for SELF, to keep fit, healthy and happy in between school drop off, work, house and after school activities.

Living a healthy, happy lifestyle is important to us, because we want our children to grow up with this instilled in them, that this is the way life is.

We have been offering small group classes, teaching to the individual since 2012 in Holland Park, Brisbane. At One Family Yoga & Fitness, we design each class for EVERYBODY no matter how big or small.

If you think that you can’t do yoga or fitness classes because you’re not flexible enough, not fit enough, don’t have time, too old, young, big, small or injured, THINK AGAIN! We promise you that you will leave our classes feeling great – body, mind and spirit.

We also offer a range of Yoga Teacher Trainings, whether it is just for your own personal development or you want a change in career and want to teach yoga we have you covered.


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Our Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp and Judo Teachers

Our experienced and accredited yoga teachers and fitness teachers teach to the individual in the group. They are able to adapt each exercise to YOUR body.

Lainie Jenkins, One Family Yoga & Fitness Founder and Teacher

Experience/ Accreditation

  • ERYT500 teacher with Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Level 3 Senior teacher with Yoga Australia

  • Yoga Practitioner for 17 years

  • Level 1 ISHTA System

  • Lead Teacher and Course Creator of One Family Yoga & Fitness Yoga Teacher Training

Lainie Jenkins

Co-Founder and Principal Teacher

Co-Founder and principal teacher at One Family Yoga & Fitness, Lainie believes that it is important to let go of the identities that we take on in the world (Mother, Yogi, Father, Sister, accountant, etc) while on the mat. It is a time to strengthen the body from the inside out through Ayurveda (science of Life), Asana (Posture), to connect to the breath to open the body through conscious breathing (Pranayama) to calm the mind with Meditation. Lainie teaches to the individual, she guides you gently in and out of each pose regardless of your experience with yoga so that you always feel, comfortable, confident and successful.

“Yoga for me is timeout, timeout from the busyness of motherhood, business owner and the mind. Time to self reflect on what is working for me and what is not. Time for silence in my life, for space in my mind and body, so that I can be fully present with my family and the demands of the studio when needed. Time for self .”.

Laine Jenkins is a ERYT500 teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified Level 3 Senior teacher with Yoga Australia, she has been a devoted yoga practitioner for 17 years and teaching yoga for 14 years. Lainie’s teacher training study initiated with level 1 ISHTA System, with Rachel Zinman. The ISHTA System that Integrates the Sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda for an integral practice.

In Lainie’s classes and trainings, students of all shapes and sizes find tips, tricks, and modifications to make yoga asana work for their unique body, instead of being squished into poses for the sake of form over function. She emphasises safe alignment and mindful transitions, and guides each student to honour the body they bring to the mat today, while being empowered to learn about the body’s intelligence and power to serve you on and off the mat in everyday life.

Lainie’s interest in movement began as a dancer and she was later certified as an International Les Mills Trainer and Presenter and Pilates Instructor. After 20 years in this world, these interests led her towards yoga.

Lainie has further qualifications in Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kids Yoga, Teens Yoga, Pre and Post-natal Yoga.

Lainie is now lead teacher and course creator of the One Family Yoga & Fitness 200/350/500hr Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Victor - teacher at One Family Yoga and Fitness

Experience/ Accreditation

  • Personal Trainer for over 15 years

  • 8 National Championships on Black Belt

  • Degree in Physical Education

  • Teacher (Sensei) for One Family Yoga & Fitness Kids Judo Classes and Bootcamp


Co-Founder and Principal Personal Trainer

Co-Founder and principal personal trainer at One Family Yoga & Fitness, Victor has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to train to the goals and needs of the individual client. Victor’s passion for sport started when he was just 10 years old and started participating in Judo classes. With 8 National Championships on his Black Belt, he decided to take the next step and get his degree in Physical Education whilst working as a Personal Trainer. He loved making a difference in people’s lives so much that after completing his degree he continued as a Personal Trainer to this day.

Victor and Lainie met working in the same gym in Santiago, Chile brought together by their love for health and fitness. In 2009, Lainie and Victor moved to Australia permanently, where they continue to pass on their love for teaching Group Fitness, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga.

Together, Lainie and Victor share their beliefs and values of living a healthy and happy life through Yoga and Fitness with their children.

It is with this in mind that they decided to open One Family Yoga and Fitness so that other families could do the same.

The benefits of training with Victor are:

  • Help you achieve the fitness goals you desire
  • Provide motivation and support and develop a super effective exercise program
  • Record your exercise sessions to help monitor progress
  • Ensure your safety. We will be able to show you how to work out most effectively and how to minimise injury provide a nutrition plan that is specific to you

Call Victor today on 0458 771 073 and you will be on your way to being fit, healthy and happy.

Claire - teacher at One Family Yoga and Fitness

Experience/ Accreditation


Yoga Teacher

Claire’s first experience with yoga was in 2000 in Manchester. It was with 2 genuine yogis and she fell in love with the practice. She then had a long break doing yoga on and off when she could at gyms. In 2012 while at Fernwood gym a body balance instructor recommended One Family Yoga & Fitness studio to her. She was quite stressed at the time, after 1 lesson she was hooked again. Her interests and priorities started to change when she became a mum and now has 3 young children. Yoga and breathing and meditation keep her grounded. She has now completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since then has gone on to do her 500 hour teacher training and is loving life and yoga.

Meditation is something that Claire feels she needs as she develops insight, calm, has creative ideas and receives new perspectives. Claire is very committed to sharing the importance of meditation to develop focus, deeper thinking and inner connection. She has recently completed a certificate in meditation teaching with Inner Voyage and is continuing on to do the diploma. The focus of this course is stress management and positive thinking skills. Claire believes strongly in focusing on what is going well and enjoys learning about positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience.

Through teaching, Claire would like to help herself and others trust, feel awe and be grateful for the miraculous inner workings of their body and the world around them. Claire would like to welcome people into her classes to work together on loving ourselves without reservation. It makes it easier for us to love others.

Katie - teacher at One Family Yoga and Fitness

Experience/ Accreditation

  • Yoga Practitioner since 2009

  • Completed Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher

Katie began practicing yoga in 2009. I went along to a vinyasa class in the gym I attended. I was blown away by the impact simple movement with breath had on the body and the mind. From then I was hooked! I never missed my Friday morning yoga class and started to go to classes outside of the gym and develop my home practice.

Being the nerdy person that I am, I was hungry to read all the books I could on philosophy, alignment and yoga research. At the time I was studying to be a primary school teacher and thought yoga would be an amazing asset to kids. Imagine a world where all children learn about peace and mindfulness! I attended Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training and knew from the first 2 minutes that I was changing my path to become a yoga teacher. I learned every style of yoga I could, with training in kids, teens, partner/ community, flow and restorative yoga.

Teaching yoga has taken me on the most amazing journey, I have met people from all over the world and created beautiful friendships with so many students who over the years become family. I love the way you feel after practicing yoga. The soft floaty bliss that comes from mindful movement and focus. And my favourite moment in each yoga class is the sweet bliss I see on the happy faces of people waking up from savasana. It is such a joy and a privilege to hold space for our community.

Teacher at One Family Yoga and Fitness

Experience/ Accreditation

  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Pilates Mat and Reformer Certifications
  • Yoga Level 1

  • Kids yoga (Rainbow kids Yoga)

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Yin Yoga

  • Les Mills RPM, Body Balance and Body Pump

Emma Prior

Yoga Teacher

Emma has 17 years within the fitness industry with experience in teaching in both large fitness facilities and small studio environments. She completed her yoga teacher training with Lainie in 2015. Emma is also a qualified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP – mindset) Practitioner and Epigenetics Wellness Coach.

Emma is passionate about helping others find balance in their lives and living healthier active lifestyles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced teachers teach Hatha yoga with modern adaptations to cater to the individual needs of each student in our small class setting. REAL YOGA FOR REAL PEOPLE.
Our Bootcamp, Judo and Pilates classes are taught by Dad, Victor, made up of mums and dads like you and me who just want to stay fit and healthy to be able to run around with our kids and feel good. (We leave the stripping, bulking and quick fixes to others).
We aim to make yoga and pilates accessible and affordable. You can try our studio classes for 1 week of unlimited classes for just $30. To be part of our community you have the choice to purchase a 10 Class Pass for either Reformer or Yoga or with our paid in full or weekly direct debit memberships. Please see our pricing page for details.
Yoga doesn’t care what you wear. Wear clothes that are comfortable for you to move in.
We recommend at least 2 or 3 classes a week for you to achieve your goal.
We pride ourselves on all our classes being accessible and inclusive for everyone no matter your age, fitness level, shape or size.
While we do run a 4 week Foundational Reformer Course every quarter it is not necessary to start at our studio. All our reformer instructors are experienced and able to adapt each exercise for the individual.
While we do run a 6 week Foundational Yoga Course every quarter it is not necessary to start at our studio. All our yoga teachers are experienced and able to adapt each pose for the individual. We believe that ‘you can only start with where you are at, and where you are at is exactly where you are supposed to be’. So lets get started and make today a better day for tomorrow.
Our approach to yoga is that of a functional one. We focus on strength and flexibility in our classes for everyday life. Everyone is time poor so we need what we do on our mat for 1 hour to be applicable off our mat for the other 23 hours.
What gets scheduled, gets done.

We ask that you pre-book for classes, it allows our teachers to plan their classes. However, if it is a last-minute decision to come you are still more than welcome.

Download our FREE App to make it a sinch to book in for your classes.

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