Breathwork Journey for Awakening Your True Self.

Join us for a nourishing and transformative two-hour 9-dimensional surround sound breathwork Journey with Retired Psychologist, NOW INTUITIVE COACH & BREATHWORK PRACTITIONER: ELIZABETH OLIVER.

This guided breathwork journey will be delivered using 9 Layers of Sound including, Burial beats, subliminal empowering messaging, and much more.  The 9D process will activate your subconscious mind to release mindsets, and energetic structures that have kept you from fully embracing the deeper dimensions of your true self.

This entire journey process will be delivered over two hours.  The actual breathwork journey will be 75mins.  The education, preparation and integration processes will cover the remaining 45mins.

This Awakening journey is designed for individuals who desire to break free from societal conditioning and the narratives imposed by outside influences.  If you feel confined, small, or limited by these fictions, this journey is your pathway to awakening.

Rediscover your empowered, sovereign, and free yourself beyond the dream spell.

Fasten your seatbelts as you transcend the dream spell, revealing the unfiltered truth of your existence – empowered, sovereign, and free.   Peel back the layers, shedding the fictions that have kept you feeling small.

This breathwork haven releases burdens of the past, bidding farewell to negativity, self-criticism, and judgements, allowing reconnection with your authentic self.  Inspired by themes of acceptance, gratitude, self-belief, and courage; The Awakening sparks a potent personal rebirth, creating space for emotional resilience, inner peace, and restored balance.  This revitalising expedition fortifies sustained growth, guiding you toward a life illuminated by authenticity, self-discovery, and the empowering truth of your sovereignty.

What to Expect:

Expect to come and experience the power of your breath to release stuck energy, creating lasting nervous system resets that will be experienced as a sense of clarity and calm.

Full Psychoeducation and breathing techniques will be taught.

You will be supported and supervised during the entire process.

Simple breathing techniques will be utilised, while you lay on a yoga mat with an eye-masks.

You will be provided with 9D wireless Headphones.  Guided live coaching vocals will be accompanied by streamed licenced breathwork music.  9-Dimensions of sound will be embedded into the journey music and will not be clearly heard.  They will be aimed at targeting subconscious disempowering constructs that will be seamlessly released.

At the end of the 75-minute guided breathwork journey there will be an integration process to ensure you leave grounded and refreshed.

This session will be limited to 12 participants.

The Journey Process will entail the following steps:

  1. Initial Psychoeducation and Training: Training will be provided for the allocated Breathwork Journey and breathing techniques to be utilised.
  2. Slowly controlled Breathing: Lizzy will guide you through a series of steps to build up to an activating conscious connected breathwork technique. You will rapidly gain confidence in your body and breathing technique.
  3. Controlled Activated Breathing:  Lizzy will guide you as you transition into a series of breathing activations.  You may or may not gain full conscious awareness of the beliefs and energetic restrictions.  However, through the guided process you will release these with your breath.  
  4. Strategically Designed Release Processes: You will experience a series of build -up and release phases.  These will entail guided breath holds and strategic breath releases. This process is very profound and powerful.
  5. Down-Regulation Process: At the end of the activation and release process you will be guided on a full integration process that will embed the positive learnings and experiences from the journey.
  6. Time will be allocated for transition after the journey:   This phase of the journey is vitally important. Everyone will take as much time as needed to centre and ground back into present time space and their body.
  7. Light refreshments will be provided at the end of the session. 

Who Should Attend: 

  • ANYONE looking to feel calmer, less stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. 
  • ANYONE seeking to experience profound liberation as they break free from constraints created by pre-existing conditioning.  
  • ANYONE desiring to shed their illusions and rediscover newfound sense of clarity and authenticity. 
  • ANYOE desiring to dispel their illusions that have kept them feeling small and limited.   
  • ANYONE seeking empowerment and sovereignty.  Desiring to cultivate relationships with their true selves, harnessing empowerment, and sovereignty as a catalyst for transformation, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.
  • ANYONE seeking to Release Past Burdens:  Unchain themself from the burdens of past events, negative feelings, self-criticism, and judgement toward others.  Desiring to develop inner fortitude and resilience for the journey ahead.
  • ANYONE seeking Inner Peace & Harmony:  Delve into a profound sense of inner peace and harmony reinstating equilibrium within yourself and in your relationships with others.
  • ANYONE SEEKING Rejuvenation & Boundless Potential:  Embrace individual growth and rejuvenation, paving the way for new opportunities and a more gratifying life journey as you awaken to your boundless potential.
  • Suitable for anyone fit to practice activating breathwork.  
  • Note should you have contrary indications you will be offered alternative breathing techniques to activating breathwork.
  • All individuals are welcome and will be catered for. 

Note:  A breathwork intake from must be completed prior to the event.


By the end of the breathwork journey, you will have gained embodied and practical skills to: 

  • Reset the state of your nervous system.
  • Enhance your emotional regulation. 
  • Reduce your felt experience of stress and anxiety. 
  • Cultivate an ongoing deeper mind-body connection.
  • Improved overall well-being.
  • Experience a sense of personal clarity and ongoing connection. 


Elizabeth Oliver is an International Speaker, Teacher, Author, Intuitive Coach and Retired Psychologist.  With many years of extensive professional experience.  Elizabeth has the capacity to clearly articulate complex information in a fun and enlightening manner.  

Her life’s passion is to empower women to find their true voice, to shed their disempowering stories and identities.  To rise-up and take their place in this new era of transformation and healing.  Her key message is Trauma is not what was done to you, it is how you have experienced it.  And as such it is your choice on how you change it.  

After many years of professional service in multiple domains of Organisational Change, Leadership, Mental Health Interventions and Research.  Elizabeth retired to peruse more effective processes of change.  Her exploratory journey to master the key elements of lasting transformation lead her thru many esoteric and somatic domains.   She now masterfully integrates her entire life’s knowledge and skill in disseminating functional and effective processes to facilitate personal and professional fulfilment.

Her passion for life is infectious.  Her entertaining ways make each presentation uniquely different.   She eloquently disseminates complex information in an easy to understand and memorable manner.  Whether via an individual or group setting not a moment is wasted in providing not just information but action steps on how to realign the core issues.  Her capacity to motivate individuals to take action is impressive. 

Her mantra:  Life is a Picture we paint – So Let’s Paint It Beautiful, is clearly evidenced in each engagement.

  • When: Fri 19th Jan 2024, 6:15-8:15pm

  • Where: One Family Yoga & Fitness, 105 Seville Rd, Holland Park

  • Cost: $70 (OFYF Members $63)

Join us as we explore practical yoga, breathing and meditation techniques…

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