A simple Ayurvedic cleanse aims to balance Agni. Agni, means fire, and in this case directly refers to our metabolic fire, the strength of our ability to digest what we take in. This includes our diet, of course, but also our experiences in life. A simple way to improve Agni is to cleanse eating lightly for short periods of time. This cleanse uses principles of Ayurveda to help you get back in touch with your body, teaching you the fundamental tools for boosting digestion, creating a healing plant-based diet, and holistic body care techniques to keep the body, mind, and spirit balanced through the winter. In this three-week cleanse, you’ll learn the in-depth knowledge of holistic nutrition and seasonal wellness through a weekend retreat and face to face workshops that guide you through a whole food plant-based cleanse. You’ll also learn simple yoga practices to balance the body and boost digestion, meditation tools to take with you even beyond your cleanse. By the end of this 3-part cleanse, you’ll leave feeling clean, clear and strong as you kick off the new season.