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Why detox in Autumn?

Our bodies tend to build up toxins in the summer heat that can lead to coughs, migraines, and stuffy noses in the coming weeks.

Autumn is a wonderful time to slow down and move the focus inward, purging that toxicity that is keeping us from being the best version of ourselves.

Each day we are exposed to toxins and environmental impurities that affect our energy, health, and vitality. Because of this, we can feel compromised on a physical level.

An Ayurvedic Cleanse helps to:

  • Nurture an improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
  • Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
  • Restore and maintain balanced sleep cycles.
  • Promote regular and balanced elimination.
  • Restore a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
  • Foster both clarity and groundedness in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres.
  • Recover each individual’s natural state of balance.
  • Prepare the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.
  • Promotes optimal health and boosts weight loss.
  • Save money on meat, alcohol, caffeine and much more.
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