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Learn to Teach Pregnant Women Yoga

35 hour courses to teach you the needs and wants of pregnant women through to their postnatal period.

Many women discover yoga whilst they are pregnant as it is widely promoted by Doctors and Midwives as an exercise to do during pregnancy and for the benefits of preparing for birth and bonding with their babies.

This 50hr course is designed to teach you the needs and wants of pregnant women through to their postnatal period. You will learn how to create safe classes that cater to a variety of needs and deliver a balanced and enjoyable practice for women in this stage of life.

Led by mother of 3 and course creator, Lainie Jenkins who says “Yoga brought me a feeling of lightness to my body by strengthening my spine and limbs. It created a feeling of ‘extra space’ within. During times of emotional stress, it brought me back to my calm centre. Yoga allowed me, through breathing, relaxation and visualization, to develop a strong and intuitive relationship with my body and baby. Yoga helped make my pregnancy and labour a truly memorable time in my life – a journey into the heart of motherhood, and a deepening experience of womanhood”. She has been teaching pre and postnatal yoga for over 10 years.

This course is designed to enable Yoga Teachers to become competent in teaching the principles of Yoga (including asana, pranayama and meditation) during pregnancy, for preparation of labour, birth and post-natal recovery.

This course is also a transformational journey deepening your understanding of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher Training, Brisbane

We look forward to teaching you this nationally accredited course.

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