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Affordable Mums and Bubs Reformer Pilates Classes at Holland Park’s Only Reformer Studio

Mums and Bubs Reformer Pilates in Holland Park, Brisbane

This is a full-body workout conducted on the Pilates reformer using spring-loaded resistance with a focus on core strength and stabilisation, posture and flexibility. Because the springs are adjustable, this class offers mums of all levels a safe return to exercise post-birth.

Your bub may lie on a mat next to you or socialise with other bubs. You can bring a baby bouncer, play mat, capsule or pram, tots usually graze and play their way through the 45min class. There are many moving parts and trip hazards so the exercises in this class are modified to cater to this for safety.

Reformer classes are capped at 10 people so you receive personal attention and guidance from our qualified Instructors.

***Mums and Bubs can currently attend the following classes***

Mon-Fri 9:15am Reformer Pilates Classes,

Tue 9:15am Yoga FIIT class and

Friday 9:15am Cardio Reformer class.


We also offer Mums and Bubs Yoga 10:15-11:15am Tuesday’s all on our low membership of just $39.95 p/wk

Why We Are the Best Reformer Studio in Brisbane

Our small, authentic Reformer classes in Holland Park with our experienced and friendly pilates instructors cater to all fitness and experience levels. We teach to the individual within the group; from helping beginners learn their way around a Reformer machine, right through to providing a challenging workout for those who have more experience.

Our high-quality, professional-level Reformer machines are world-class so that you can experience the comfort and sheer joy of performing pilates on solid, comfortable, well-padded and smooth moving Reformer machines.

All fitness and experience levels are welcome. Bookings essential.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Our Reformer classes in Holland Park offer all kinds of exercises done on the Reformer machine to promote length, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Most Pilates Reformer exercises have to do with pushing or pulling the carriage or holding the carriage steady during an exercise as it is pulled on by the springs, thus making them more intense and dynamic than Mat Pilates.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates provides a full-body workout and the range of movements helps to engage groups of muscles in the upper and lower extremities as well as the shoulders. Other benefits of Reformer include:

  • Perfect for those who are looking to improve their overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.
  • Reformer is for everyone, at all levels of fitness and is particularly good for those who may be experiencing physical ailments like back pain.
  • Experience a high intensity cardio workout without the pain or strain on your ankles and knees.
  • Reformer is a low-impact form of exercise.


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Reformer Class Timetable

We run both Mat and Reformer Pilates. All fitness levels welcome by our certified instructors. Book your pilates class today.

Prefer to download or print out a copy of the timetable? Download PDF versions of the monthly Reformer class timetables below:

Pilates Reformer FAQ

Are your Pilates instructors qualified?2019-11-21T14:15:14+10:00

Yes. Each Pilates class will be of the highest quality, providing each individual with a positive experience from your highly qualified instructor. Individuals are carefully supervised by a certified Instructor, who is constantly monitoring each person’s technique, as we recognize that quality instruction is the most important aspect of the delivery of a Pilates class.

I’m injured. Can I still do Pilates?2019-11-21T14:13:11+10:00

Pilates classes are suitable for the absolute beginner to the advanced participant. Individuals perform exercises within their own limitations.

Who benefits from practising Pilates?2019-11-21T14:12:07+10:00

Pilates can benefit men and women of all ages, regardless of fitness level.

How does Pilates help?2019-11-21T14:07:50+10:00

Pilates exercises work to strengthen the ‘core’, lengthen the spine and build muscle tone and increase body awareness, coordination and improve posture and flexibility. Our classes seek to educate each individual about their bodies by assisting them to understand how to use correct body alignment and muscle control in their everyday activities.

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