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As Mothers, we often put ourselves last, including our self-care. Put yourself first and fill up your cup by joining Lainie Jenkins, mother of 3 Senior Yoga Teacher + Katherine Jameson, Reiki Master and Sound Therapist for a 2-hour experience of restorative yoga + sound bowl healing to relax and rejuvenate the physical body, mind and soul. Resist the tendency to view yoga as just exercise, and join us as we combine postures with supportive props, deep relaxation and energetic touch to promote rest, release + restoration to the body and mind, and shift to your natural balanced state of health. Experience the therapeutic healing effects of sound bowls + vibrations.

We will then share yummy bliss balls and chai to send us home floating on our blissful cloud.

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  • Where: One Family Yoga & Fitness

  • When: 6-8pm, Friday 8th May

  • Price: $55

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Mums, join us for some important self-care

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We look forward to looking after you and helping you to relax and rejuvenate.

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