4 Day Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training, Brisbane

For Anybody Who Loves Working with Kids, and Loves Yoga

This 4 Day, 50 hour course will teach you to explore yoga in a fun, creative and exciting way that will engage your young students. Opening them up to the world of yoga from a young age! What an amazing gift to be able to share with the world.


What you will learn
In this fun an interactive teacher training you will learn; age appropriate techniques to teach yoga to children, tweens, teens and families. How to create and inclusive and fun learning atmosphere. How to harness the skills and special talents you already have to create your own unique and exciting classes.


You will come out of the training with an extensive collection of kids yoga games, postures, activities, pranayama and meditation techniques. You will learn how to structure a successful kids yoga class. You will learn how to look at props creatively and use them for endless activities. You will spend time contemplating ethics around teaching kids yoga and the benefits of kids yoga.


Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Brisbane

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