Tween Girls Creative Yoga

Tween Girls Creative Yoga 


Keep your tween active at this Wednesday after school yoga class! Navigating life can be really tough as a 9-12 year old girl. With the pressures of school, family life, social life, and social media, tweens get an opportunity to be themselves in a safe, non-competitive space. By practicing yoga, movement, meditation, journalling, art and other creative outlets, students will learn how to truly be the best version of themselves. We will invite healthy perspectives and thinking at this vital time of physical and emotional development. All while having fun and meeting new yoga friends!



– Check-in with a sister circle – welcome all new girls, we’ll talk about the week.
– Body awareness and self care
– Frequent discussions of our feelings and emotions
– Accountability for how we affect ourselves and others
– Learn basic yoga postures to set the foundation for  a life time of healthy activity
– Self regulation
– Ease the pressures of  life by taking a minute to breath, meditate and sit still.
– Healthy expression and thinking through trying different artistic mediums.

Term 3 – 11th Oct – 29 Nov

When: Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm 

Where: Shop 4, 105 Seville Rd, Holland Park

Cost: 8 week term $13Prepaid

Call Lainie on 0458 771 073 to know more or book in your pre-teen today.

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